Wholesale Prices of Prescription ADHD Medicines

Brand NameDosePrice per Month for Brand*Generic NamePrice per Month for Generic*
Adderall®5 mg$113Mixed amphetamine salts$45
10 mg$113$45
20 mg$113$45
30 mg$113$45
Adderall XR®10 mg$236$184
20 mg$236$184
30 mg$236$184
Concerta®18 mg$197Methylphenidate hydrochloride$186
27 mg$202$191
36 mg$208$197
54 mg$226$214
Daytrana® Patch (9 hour per dose)10 mg$212 (all doses)MethylphenidateN/A
15 mg
20 mg
30 mg
Dexedrine®5 mgN/ADextroamphetamine$206
10 mgN/A$206
20 mgN/A$412
30 mgN/A$412
Focalin®2.5 mg$22Dexmethylphenidate hydrochloride$20
5 mg$32$29
10 mg$46$42
Focalin XR®10 mg$200N/A
20 mg$206N/A
30 mg$216N/A
40 mg$227N/A
Metadate CD®10 mg$171Methylphenidate hydrochloride$15
20 mg$171$26
30 mg$171$138
40 mg$234N/A
50 mg$288N/A
60 mg$288N/A
Metadate ER®20 mg$53N/A
Methylin®2.5 mg$105N/A
5 mg$150N/A
10 mg$214N/A
Methylin ER®10 mgN/AN/A
20 mgN/AN/A
Ritalin®5 mg$18N/A
10 mg$30N/A
20 mg$53N/A
Ritalin LA®10 mg$165N/A
20 mg$165N/A
30 mg$169N/A
40 mg$173N/A
Ritalin SR®20 mg$80N/A
Vyvanse®20–70 mg$205 (all doses)Lisdexamfetamine dimesylateN/A
Intuniv®1 mg$194 (all doses)Guanfacine$27 (1 mg)
$40 (2 mg)
2 mg
3 mg
4 mg
Kapvay®1 mg$104Clonidine hydrochloride$8
2 mgN/A$9
3 mgN/A$16
Strattera®By child’s weight$206–$241AtomoxetineN/A

CD, ER, LA, SR, and XR all refer to extended-release formulas of the medicine.

N/A = Price or generic product is not available.


Prices are the average wholesale prices listed from RED BOOK Online®. Generic prices are the middle value in the range of prices listed from different manufacturers. The actual price of the medicines may be higher or lower than the prices listed here, depending on the manufacturer used by your pharmacy.

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