Dr Francisco Leyva

GDG meetingDeclaration of Interests
GDG Application
FL declared the following item of non-personal pecuniary interest:
  • The pacemaker industry (Medtronic Inc and St Jude Medical) provide funding for the salary of two of his research fellows who are involved in pacemaker and imaging research. Medtronic Inc has also funded a pacemaker research trial under his direction
FL did not declare any items of personal pecuniary interest, personal family interest or personal non-pecuniary interest.
GDG Induction meeting
(30th January 2009)
No change in declaration
First GDG meeting
(27th February 2009)
No change in declaration
Second GDG Meeting
(27th March 2009)
No change in declaration
Third GDG Meeting
(1st May 2009)
No change in declaration
Fourth GDG Meeting
(5th June 2009)
As above plus:
FL declared an item of personal pecuniary interest:
  • Menarini provided funding for travel and accommodation for a conference in Barcelona
Fifth GDG Meeting
(3rd July 2009)
No change in declaration
Sixth GDG Meeting
(31st July 2009)
Seventh GDG Meeting
(18th September 2009)
No change in declaration
Eighth GDG Meeting
(16th October 2009)
No change in declaration
Ninth GDG Meeting
(13th November 2009)
No change to declaration
Tenth GDG Meeting
(9th April 2010)
No change to declaration
Eleventh GDG meeting
(June 2010)
No change in declaration

From: Appendix L, Declarations of Interest

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