Area under the curve (AUC) for NT-proBNP models to predict heart failure in individual presenting with symptoms suggestive of heart failure derived from the Zaphiriou dataset

ModelAUC (95% CI)AUC (95% CI)AUC (95% CI)AUC (95% CI)AUC (95% CI)AUC (95% CI)
NT-proBNP only0.85 (0.81, 0.90)0.89 (0.84, 0.93)0.87 (0.82, 0.92)0.82 (0.76, 0.87)0.87 (0.78,0.96)0.86 (0.81,0.91)
NT-proBNP + Clinical0.90 (0.86, 0.93)0.91 (0.87, 0.94)0.90 (0.86, 0.95)
NT-proBNP + Clinical + ECG0.90 (0.86, 0.93)0.91 (0.87, 0.94)0.91 (0.86, 0.95)

From: Appendix E, Clinical Evidence Tables

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