Table 14Combined therapy versus combined therapy studies showing the comparison and treatment interventions grouped by type of intervention

StudyCombined Therapy 1Combined Therapy 2
Altamura 200882
Altamura 200883
SSRI + Citalopram (intravenous)SSRI + Clomipramine (intravenous)
Rush 200644
Trivedi 2006113
Thase 2007110
Citalopram + BuproprionCitalopram + Buspirone
Add Augmenting Agent
Dinan 1993125Sertraline + Lithium 400mgSertraline + Lithium 800mg
Dunner 200786Sertraline + Ziprasidone 60mg/dSertraline + Ziprasidone 80mg/d
Fava 2002118
Fava 199498
Fluoxetine + DesipramineFluoxetine + Lithium
Adding Nonpharmacological Treatment
Thase 2007110
Rush 200644
Trivedi 2006113
Citalopram + Buspirone
Citalopram + Buproprion
Citalopram + CBT

CBT = cognitive behavioral therapy; SSRI = selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

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