Figure 2. PRISMA flow chart of study identification, screening, eligibility and inclusion. This is a flow chart that summarizes the number of citations identified, screened, excluded, and included. A total of 33 224 citations were screened by title. Of these, 12 178 citations passed on to title and abstract screening. At the full-text level, 2048 articles were assessed; 1980 were English records and 68 were German records. Of these, 1 797 articles were excluded for the following reasons: no dietary supplement or no relevant dietary supplement (n=910), population was not relevant (n=563), study design was not relevant (n=302), and record was not of English or German language (n=22). One-hundred sixty nine articles, all of English language, passed through. However, only 80 articles comprising 70 unique primary studies were included in the evidence synthesis. Articles were excluded from evidence synthesis for the following reasons: cardiovascular drug was taken by less than 80% of the population (n=72), there was no outcome of interest (n=6), a systematic review that was not current (n=1), cardiovascular drug not marketed in the United States (n=4), dose of supplement not stated (n=1), data could not be obtained (n=1), higher level randomized-controlled trial evidence was available (n=1), and other (n=2). The number of studies included in quantitative analyses (i.e. meta-analyses) was 21.

Figure 2PRISMA flow chart of study identification, screening, eligibility, and inclusion

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Cover of Dietary Supplements in Adults Taking Cardiovascular Drugs
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