Table 17Comparison of effect sizes* from placebo-controlled trials for ACR 20, HAQ, and SF-36 PCS by Drug

DrugStudies/ParticipantsACR 20 (% of Subjects Achieving)HAQ (Mean Improvement)SF-36 PCS (Mean Improvement)
Leflunomide1 RCT/190360.14NR
Methotrexate1 RCT/37NRNRNR
Sulfasalazine1 SER/1,022NRNRNR
Biologic DMARDS
Adalimumab2 RCTs/41539 to 570.2 to 0.32.9 to 7.9
Etanercept3 RCTs/63359 to 650.5 to 1.18.6
Golimumab1 RCT/40545 to 510.34 to 0.45.9 to 7.2
Infliximab2RCTs,1SER/67358 to 620.4 to 0.66.4 to 8

ACR 20 = American College of Rheumatology 20 percent improvement from baseline to endpoint; HAQ = Health Assessment Questionnaire; PCS = physical component score; SF-36 = Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 36; RCT = Randomized controlled trial; SER = systematic evidence review


Effect sizes represent the range of point estimates from individual studies for the absolute difference between drug and placebo. Minimally Clinically Important Differences (MCIDs): ACR 20 is 20% minimal improvement; ACR 50/70 considered more clinically significant; HAQ >=0.22 change, SF36 PCS>= 2 standard error of the mean (SEM).

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