Summary of GRADE profile 51Adjunctive treatment: Dermal or skin substitutes (DSS)

No of studiesDesignMeshed skin graftSplit thickness skin graftRelative risk/NNTB
(95% CI)
AbsoluteGRADE quality
Complete wound healing (week 12) - ALL (follow-up 12 weeks)
RCT3644Meshed skin graft = 19.84 (7.37)
Split thickness skin graft = 20.36 (7.21), p > 0.05

[P] = Puttirutvong et al. (2004). Meshed skin graft + standard care vs. split thickness skin graft + standard care. Standard care = daily dressing

CI = confidence interval; NNTB = number needed to treat to benefit; RCT = randomised clinical trial.

From: 3, Evidence review and recommendations

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