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What are the information and support needs of people/carers of patients undergoing or considering undergoing peritoneal dialysis in the community and/or home?Revised to cover the following:
What are the barriers and facilitators for peritoneal dialysis use for
Objective(s)To determine the information and support needs for patients and carers based on qualitative evidence
Criteria for considering studiesPICO
PopulationAdults and children with a diagnosis of severe chronic kidney disease (stage 5 chronic kidney disease) who need or who are receiving renal replacement therapy.
Intervention(s)Peritoneal dialysis in the community/home using Haemodialysis in the community and/or home and haemodialysis in the hospitalConsidered studies with peritoneal dialysis alone, but not with haemodialysis alone unless general CKD and dialysis population

Agreed with GDG CAPD, APD and aAPD only (not appropriate to determine specific prescription of peritoneal dialysis)
Outcome(s)Patient satisfaction and patient experience
How to be searchedAs per the Guidelines Manual. No additional databases are required.
Date restriction: None
Language restriction: English language
Study design: qualitative studies,
Healthtalk online not used as good evidence base in published literature
Review strategyMeta-thematic analysisUsed structured GRADE approach rather than a true thematic analysis

From: Appendix A, Evidence review

Cover of Peritoneal Dialysis
Peritoneal Dialysis: Peritoneal Dialysis in the Treatment of Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease.
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