GRADE profile 68Effectiveness of APD compared with CAPD – adverse events – APD alone (adults)

Quality assessmentSummary of findingsQuality
No of studiesStudy designLimitationsInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecision
APD alone (adults)
Adverse events
Verger 2007
Report from national registryNo serious limitationsNot assessableaSome serious indirectnessbNot assessablecOverall, 1 episode of peritonitis every 34 months; 1 episode every 33 months for autonomous APD; 1 every 45 months for patients assisted at home by a family member; 1 every 36 months for patients assisted by a private nurse (p = 0.11)

Probability of being peritonitis free at 24 months 59.3% (95% CI 55.8 to 62.9) for non-assisted patients; 54.4% (95% CI 45.7 to 63.1) for home nurse-assisted patients; 69.8% (95% CI 59.6 to 80.1) for home family-assisted patients

Probability of being peritonitis free at 36 months 45.6% (95% CI 40.3 to 50.9) for non-assisted patients; 39.8% (95% CI 29.2 to 50.4) for home nurse-assisted patients;52.1% (95% CI 36.2 to 67.9) for home family-assisted patients

Probability of being peritonitis free at 24 months 63.8% (95% CI 51.7 to 75.9) and at 36 months 50.8% (95% CI 34.2 to 67.5) for home nurse-assisted patients with home visits from the training centre; at 24 months 42.4% (95% CI 28.9 to 55.9) and at 36 months 33.9% (95% CI 17.4 to 50.3) for home nurse-assisted patients without home visits from the training centre, p = 0.028

Inconsistency was not assessable (downgraded one level) because it was reported in one study.


The study was not a comparative evaluation (downgraded one level).


Confidence intervals only reported for some studies (and outcomes) (downgraded one level).

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