Table 4Base-case probabilistic results

Cost (£)LYGsQALYsIncrementalICER (£)NMB (£)
Cost (£)QALY£20,000£30,000
HD centred143,5515.643.536262−0.056Dominated−7373−7929
PD centred126,2805.743.70−11,0090.116Dominates13,32714,486
25% Increase in CAPD135,3855.703.60−19040.010Dominates21082209
50% increase in CAPD133,5365.713.61−37530.02Dominates41604363
25% Increase in APD137,2985.693.599.340.00331134978
50% Increase in APD137,2855.693.59−4.160.006Dominates120178
25% Increase in PD135,3725.703.60−19170.013Dominates21792310
50% Increase in PD133,4455.723.61−38440.026Dominates43684629
80% Increase in PD131,1365.733.63−61230.042Dominates69917411
30% start PD132,2355.733.63−50540.038Dominates58226206
40% start PD127,7205.763.65−95690.064Dominates10,85311,495
50% start PD123,3325.793.68−13,9570.094Dominates15,83116,768
60% start PD118,9165.823.71−18,3740.12Dominates20,84722,084
70% start PD114,6295.863.75−22,6600.16Dominates25,81927,398
80% start PD109,8695.893.78−27,4200.19Dominates31,17033,044
90% start PD104,6815.923.82−32,6080.23Dominates37,18939,480

Abbreviations: APD, automated peritoneal dialysis; CAPD, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis; HD, haemodialysis; ICER, incremental cost effectiveness ratio; LYG, life years gained; NMB, net monetary benefit; PD, peritoneal dialysis; QALY, quality-adjusted life year; Sat HD, satellite haemodialysis.

Dominates: less expensive and more effective.

Dominated: more expensive and less effective.

From: 3, How this guideline was developed

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