Table 17Input parameters utilised in the economic model of CCBT versus waitlist for people with GAD

Input parameterDeterministic valueProbabilistic distributionSource of data – comments
Clinical dataBeta distribution
Probability of non-response to treatment – waitlist0.905α = 19, β = 2TITOV2009A
Probability of relapse (both interventions)0.491α = 422, β = 437Guideline meta-analysis – pharmacological relapse prevention, pooling of placebo arms
Relative risk of non-response, CCBT versus waitlist0.41Log-normal distribution 95% CIs: 0.24 to 0.71TITOV2009A
Utility valuesBeta distribution
Response0.76α = 177.84, β = 56.16Allgulander et al., 2006; distribution estimated based on data reported in the study using the method of moments
Non-response0.63α = 24.57, β = 14.43
Relapse following response0.73α = 51.83, β = 19.17
Non-relapse following response0.79α = 97.96, β = 26.04
Cost dataGamma distribution
CCBT intervention cost£184α = 6.25, β = 29.44See Table 15
Monthly health and social care cost£67α = 2.78, β = 24.13See Table 16
Standard error of CCBT intervention cost assumed to be 40% of its mean estimate; standard error of monthly health and social care cost assumed to be 60% of its mean estimate


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