Table 3.9Harms of biopsy

StudyNBiopsy typeMinor complicationsMajor complicationsTumour seeding to biopsy siteMortality
Griffin 200960Percutaneous US or CT guided core needle biopsy0%0%0%0%
Spencer 200135Percutaneous US or CT guided core needle biopsy, plus IHC0%0%Not reported0%
Hewitt 2007149Percutaneous US or CT guided core needleMinor local bruising and discomfort.

1/149 (<1%) rectus sheath haematoma.
0%Authors note that the rate did not increase with IGB0%
Pombo 199725Percutaneous CT guided core needle0% within 24 hours of biopsy.0%Not reported0%
Fischerova 200886Percutaneous US guided core needle0%1/86 bleeding from ovarian mass requiring laparotomyNot reportedNot reported
Bedioui 200790Laparoscopy1/90 (1%) leakage of ascites0%Not reported0%
Chu 1994129Laparoscopy2/129 (2%) leakage of ascites

2/129 (2%) subcutaneous emphysema

1/129 (1%) wound infection
Intestinal perforation in 2/31 (6%) patients with tuberculous peritonitisNot reported0%
Yoon 1997855LaparoscopyN.R.6/855 (0.7%) biopsy site bleeding

2/855 (0.2%) liver laceration

1/855 (0.1%) spleen laceration

1/855 (0.1%) pneumothorax
Not reported0%

From: Chapter 3, Establishing the diagnosis in secondary care

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