Box 3.1Risk of malignancy index RMI I2

RMI I combines three pre-surgical features: serum CA125 (CA125), menopausal status (M) and ultrasound score (U). The RMI is a product of the ultrasound scan score, the menopausal status and the serum CA125 level (IU/ml).

  • The ultrasound result is scored 1 point for each of the following characteristics: multilocular cysts, solid areas, metastases, ascites and bilateral lesions. U=0 (for an ultrasound score of 0), U=1 (for an ultrasound score of 1), U=3 (for an ultrasound score of 2-5).
  • The menopausal status is scored as 1= pre-menopausal and 3 = post-menopausal
  • The classification of ‘post-menopausal’ is women who have had no period for more than one year or women over the age of 50 who have had a hysterectomy.
  • Serum CA125 is measured in IU/ml and can vary between 0 to hundreds or even thousands of units.

Jacobs I, Oram D, Fairbanks J, Turner J, Frost C and Grudzinskas JG (1990) A risk of malignancy index incorporating CA125, ultrasound and menopausal status for the accurate preoperative diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Br J Obstet Gynaecol, 97: 922-929.

From: 3, Establishing the diagnosis in secondary care

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