Table 16.11Nurse led cardiac rehabilitation vs. routine care for stable angina

Quality assessmentSummary of findings
No of patientsEffectQuality
No of studiesDesignLimitationsInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionOther considerationsNurse led cardiac rehabroutine care (6 months)Relative (95% CI)Absolute
Walking performance (Jenkins activity checklist for walking) (follow-up 6 months; range of scores: -; better indicated by more) (b)
Jiang 2007196randomised trialserious (a)no serious inconsistencyno serious indirectnessno serious imprecisionnone8384-MD 2.01 higher (1.23 to 2.79 higher)⊕⊕⊕○


Jiang 2007[190]: This is a relatively short term study of patients (n=167). Very little information is given about whether investigators were “blinded” to patients’ allocation to intervention or control group. Most of the outcomes measured in the study were not relevant to the review question for which this study was included. No description of routine care was given or even if it included advice on diet, exercise and smoking cessation.


Jenkins Activity check list used: There were 16 activities on the scale, ranging from walking from bed to bathroom to walking 6.5 km. Subjects were required to indicate whether they had performed each activity in the previous 24 hour period. For scoring, the number of ‘yes’ responses was summed to provide an activity total score, ranging from 0 to 16.

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