S21S1 or S2 or S3 or S4 or S5 or S6 or S7 or S8 or S9 or S10 or S11 or S12 or S13 or S14 or S15 or S16 or S17 or S18 or S19 or S20
S20selfcare N2 train** or selfcare workshop* or selfcare N2 seminar* or selfcare N2 tutorial* or selfcare N2 program* or self management N2 program* or self management N2 cours* or self management N2 workshop* or self management N2 seminar* or self management N2 class* or selfcare N2 session* or selfcare N2 class*
S19patient N2 tutorial* or patient N2 seminar* or patient N2 workshop* or cardiac N2 rehab* or cardiac N2 program* or ( counseling or counselling ) or psych* N2 intervention* or psych* N2 support or psych* N2 therap* or psych* N2 education or selfcare N2 cours* or selfcare N2 education
S18information N2 provision or information N2 resource* or information N2 disseminat* or informationN2 needs or information N2 hotline* or inforamtion N2 leaflet* or information N2 pack* or information N2 deliver* or patient N2 educat* or patient N2 training or patient N2 teach* or patient N2 learn*
S17( cbt or angina plan or patient information or health information or patient literature or advisory service* or stress management or hypnotherapy or autogenic training ) or cognitive N2 therap* or cognitive N2 treatment* or behavio?r* N2 therap* or behavio?r* N2 treatment* or relaxation N2 therap* or relaxation N2 technique* or pacing N2 activit* or pacing N2 technique* or TI education N2 program* or expert N1 patient* or ( pamphlet* or weblink* or website* or webpage* or booklet* )
S16(MH “Health Personnel+”) and (MH “Communication+”)
S15(MH “Mind Body Techniques+”)
S14(MH “Adaptation, Psychological”)
S13(MH “Counseling”)
S12(MH “Pamphlets”)
S11(MH “Communication Barriers”)
S10(MH “Telephone Information Services”)
S9(MH “Internet”)
S8(MH “Access to Information”) or (MH “Consumer Health Information”) or (MH “Health Information Networks”) or (MH “Information Needs”) or (MH “Information Resources”) or (MH “Information Seeking Behavior”) or (MH “Health Information”) or (MH “Information Retrieval”) or (MH “Remote Access to Information”)
S7(MH “Teaching Materials”)
S6(MH “Learning”) or (MH “Learning Methods”)
S5(MH “Self Care”)
S4(MH “Patient Education”)
S3(MH “Health Education”)
S2(MH “Behavior Modification”) or (MH “Behavioral Changes”) or (MH “Behavior Therapy”) or (MH “Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms”)
S1(MH “Psychotherapy”) or (MH “Psychotherapy, Group”) or (MH “Cognitive Therapy”)

From: Appendix D, Literature search strategies

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