1.exp *Adrenergic beta-Antagonists/
2.(propranolol or acebutolol or atenolol or bisoprolol or carvedilol or celiprolol or esmolol or labetalol or metoprolol or nadolol or nebivolol or oxprenolol or pindolol or sotalol or timolol).ti.
3.((beta$ or b-adrenoceptor) adj3 (block$ or inhibit$ or antagonist$)).ti.
4.(beta-block$ or betablock$).ti.
5.*Isosorbide Dinitrate/ or *Isosorbide mononitrate/ or *nitric acid derivative/
7.(isosorbide adj2 (dinitrate or mononitrate)).ti,ab.
8.*Nitroglycerin/ or *glyceryl trinitrate/
9.(nitroglycerin or gtn or (glyceryl adj2 trinitrate)).ti,ab.
10.exp *Calcium Channel Blockers/
11.(calcium adj3 (block$ or antagonist$ or inhibit$)).ti.
12.calcium channel receptor block$.ti,ab.
13.(dihydropyridines or amlodipine or diltiazem or felodipine or isradipine or lacidipine or lercanidipine or nicardipine or nifedipine or nimodipine or verapamil).ti.
15.((2-nicotinamid$ or nicotinamid$) adj2 nitrate$).ti,ab.
16.((potassium or potassium-channel) adj3 (opener$ or agonist$ or activator$)).ti,ab.
18.exp *potassium channel stimulating agent/

From: Appendix D, Literature search strategies

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