Characteristics of Excluded Studies

Reference IDReason for Exclusion
BOGNER2007No extractable data
BOUMAN2008Population not depressed at baseline
BURNS2007APopulation did not have chronic physical health problems
COLE2006aNon RCT
HARINGSMA2006Population did not have co-morbid physical health problems
HU2003APost-stroke rehab - not focussed on depression
JOUBERT2006Prevention study - not depression at baseline, depression as an outcome only
JOUBERT2008Prevention study
KOIKE2002no extractable data
KRAHN2006older adults bit not a co-morbid sample
KROENKE2008Population did not have chronic health conditions (only subgroup in trial had chronic health conditions, reported elsewhere)
LEWIN2007No depressed at baseline
OSLIN2004No extractable data - scores for depression not conducted on a recognised scale
RABINS2000Intervention does not meet definition (outside scope SMI outreach)
RAHIMI2008Not randomised
ROLLMAN2009Study protocol only
SIREY2007description of study only and case study
STIEFEL2008No extractable data
TRIEF2007Not depressed at baseline

From: Appendix 18, Clinical study characteristics tables

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