Table 4.2Diagnostic yield of initial and further diagnostic tests

StudyN patientsPrimaries identifiedPrimary tumour identified by initial tests*Treatable cancers identified by initial tests**Primary tumour identified by further tests*Treatable cancers identified by further tests**
Any presentation
Kirsten 198728658/286 (20%)--5829
Le Chevalier 1988302134/302 (44%)81not reported53not reported
Losa Gaspa 2002221175/221 (79%)13836377
Bone metastases
Alcalay 1995350109/350 (31%)8959205
Jacobsen 19972922/29 (76%)18641
Katigiri 19996460/64 (94%)4817121
Rougraff 19934036/40 (90%)34220
Simon 19864620/46 (43%)16541

Initial tests are defined in table 1


Treatable cancers defined as: breast, ovarian, germ cell, prostate, head/neck, thyroid,

From: Guideline chapter 2, Diagnosis

Cover of Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignant Disease of Unknown Primary Origin
Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignant Disease of Unknown Primary Origin.
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