Table 7.2Mammography results for women presenting with axillary metastases or abnormalities

StudyNPrevalence of primary breast cancerTPFPFNTNUnevaluable results
Confirmed axillary metastases
Galimberti 20045012/50 (24%)4NR8NRNR
Knapper 19913221/32 (65%)631580
Merson 19925537/55 (67%)<10NR>27NRNR
Panareo 200666/6 (100%)00600
Axillary abnormalities (including benign conditions)
Leibman 1992172/17 (12%)101150
Muttarak 2004405/40 (13%)4NR1NRNR

Abbreviations: FP, false positive; FN, false negative; NR, not reported; TP, true positive; TN, true negative;

From: Guideline chapter 2, Diagnosis

Cover of Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignant Disease of Unknown Primary Origin
Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignant Disease of Unknown Primary Origin.
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