Table 15Trials included in systematic reviews of long acting insulin analogues

Duckworth 2007140Wang 2003143Horvath 2007141Tran 2007142Warren 2004144
previous insulin – glargine versus NPH insulin
Fonseca 2004156–158(subgroup-analysis of Rosenstock 2001)
Rosenstock 2001159
Yokoyama 2006160
insulin-naïve, oral antihyperglycaemics – glargine versus NPH insulin
Eliaschewitz 2006161
Fritsche 2003162
HOE 901/2004 Study Investigators Group 2003163,164
Massi Benedetti 2003165
Meneghini 2005166
Yki-Järvinen 2000137
Yki-Järvinen 200626,167
Raskin 1998 168
Riddle 2003 169
Rosenstock 2006 170
previous insulin – insulin detemir
Haak 2005 171
insulin-naïve – insulin detemir
Hermansen 2006172
Witthaus 2000 173

From: 4, The long-acting insulin analogues

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