Table 6.1UFactors contributing to Hb variability

Patient factors and co-morbiditiesIntercurrent eventsPractice pattern-related
Red cell lifespanInfection & transient
ESA dose adjustment protocol design
Chronic inflammation
Patient adherenceHospitalizationIron therapy protocol
Secondary hyperparathyroidismIron deficiencyProtocol compliance
Chronic viral infectionBleeding/haemolysisLaboratory monitoring
MalignanciesMalnutritionNarrow target Hb range
Haematological disordersVitamin deficiencyDialysis adequacy
Complications of diabetesPure red cell aplasiaWater purity
OtherMedications eg. ACE inhibitors Interdialytic weight gainPayment restrictions

Reprinted from: Stevens 2008301 (This table is reproduced with permission from Dr Anatole Besarab)

From: 6, Assessment and optimisation of erythropoiesis

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