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No.Search terms
1chronic kidney failure/
2chronic kidney disease/
3(chronic adj2 (renal or kidney)).ti,ab.
4((endstage or (end adj1 stage)) adj2 (renal or kidney)).ti,ab.
6exp renal replacement therapy/
7kidney disease/ and (chronic$ or end-stage or endstage).ti,ab.
8kidney failure/ and (chronic$ or end-stage or endstage).ti,ab.
9((renal adj3 insufficienc$) not (acute adj2 renal)).ti,ab.
10(predialysis or hemodialysis or haemodialysis or dialys*).ti,ab.
12(anemi* or anaemi*).ti,ab.
13exp anemia/
1511 and 14
16health economics/
17exp economic evaluation/
18exp health care cost/
19exp pharmacoeconomics/
20exp fee/
22(economic$ or pharmacoeconomic$ or cost$ or price$ or pricing$ or budget$).ti,ab.
23(value adj2 (money or monetary$)).ti,ab.
24(expenditure not energy).ti,ab.
26((metabolic or energy or oxygen) adj1 cost$).ti,ab.
2725 not 26
28quality adjusted life year/
29quality of life/
30(qaly$ or qald$ or qale$ or qtime$).tw.
32quality adjusted life.tw.
33disability adjusted life.tw.
34(sf36 or sf 36 or short form 36 or shortform 36 or sf thirtysix or sf thirty six or shortform thirtysix or shortform thirty six or short form thirtysix or short form thirty six).tw.
35(sf6 or sf 6 or short form 6 or shortform 6 or sf six or sfsix or shortform six or short form six).tw.
36(sf12 or sf 12 or short form 12 or shortform 12 or sf twelve or sftwelve or shortform twelve or short form twelve).tw.
37(sf16 or sf 16 or short form 16 or shortform 16 or sf sixteen or sfsixteen or shortform sixteen or short form sixteen).tw.
38(sf20 or sf 20 or short form 20 or shortform 20 or sf twenty or sftwenty or shortform twenty or short form twenty).tw.
39(euroqol or euro qol or eq5d or eq 5d).tw.
40(hql or hqol or h qol or hrqol or hr qol).tw.
41(hye or hyes).tw.
42health$ year$ equivalent$.tw.
43health utilit$.tw.
44(hui or hui1 or hui2 or hui3).tw.
47quality of well?being.tw.
49willingness to pay.tw.
50standard gamble$.tw.
51time trade off.tw.
52time tradeoff.tw.
5527 or 54
5615 and 55

From: Appendix A, Evidence-based clinical questions and literature searches

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