GRADE profile 9Clinical effectiveness of NIV (NIV less tolerant vs no NIV)

No. of studiesDesignTreatment (n)Control (n)ResultsLimitationsInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionOther considerationQuality
Outcome: Survival (months) from initiation of NIV
1 [K]CohortNIV less toleranta (38)No NIVb (52)Mean (SD):
NIV less tolerant = 7.0 (6.7)
No NIV = 4.6 (12.7)
p = 0.038
NNNS (i)NVery low

N = no serious; S = serious.


Patients in the NIV less tolerant group received < 4 hours of NIV per day.


Patients who declined NIV.


Unable to assess sample size (optimal information size), small study sample; downgraded 1 level.

From: 2, How this guideline was developed

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Motor Neurone Disease: The Use of Non-Invasive Ventilation in the Management of Motor Neurone Disease [Internet].
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