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Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression
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Question title: What is the best imaging modality for diagnosis of spinal cord compression?
Question no: 4
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Database nameDates CoveredNo of references foundNo of references retrievedFinish date of search
Medline1950 – 20062656623/10/06
Premedline1950 – 20062025/10/06
Embase1980 – 20063154024/10/06
Cochrane Library1800 – 200614325/10/06
Cinahl1982 – 20062025/10/06
BNI1994 – 20060025/10/06
Psychinfo1967 – 200610025/10/06
SIGLE1980 – 20050025/10/06
Web of Science (SCI & SSCI)1970 – 200656725/10/06
ISI Proceedings1990 – 200613325/10/06
Biomed Central1997 – 2006129025/10/06
Database nameDates CoveredNo of references foundNo of references retrievedFinish date of search
Medline2006 – 04/200821318/04/08
Premedline2006 – 04/20080018/04/08
Embase2006 – 04/2008114918/04/08
Cochrane Library2006 – 04/20085118/04/08
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Web of Science (SCI & SSCI) and ISI Proceedings2006 – 04/200829318/04/08
Biomed Central2006 – 04/2008129018/04/08
Total References retrieved (after de-duplication): 99 (update search: 14)
Medline search strategy (This search strategy is adapted to each database.)

Spinal Cord Compression OR Paraparesis AND Diagnosis AND Metastasis AND (MRI OR CT Diagnostic Imaging)
  1. (spin$ adj2 compress$).tw.
  2. (compress$ adj1 myelopath$).tw.
  3. (MSCC or MESCC).mp.
  4. or/1–4
  5. exp Paralysis/
  6. Paresthesia/
  7. exp Paraparesis/
  8. or/6–9
  9. metastas$.tw.
  10. (viscera$ adj metastas$).tw.
  11. (spin$ adj metastas$).tw.
  12. *Spinal Cord Neoplasms/mo, pa, pp, pc, ra, di, ri, rt, rh, ep, su, th, et, us, hi [Mortality, Pathology, Physiopathology, Prevention & Control, Radiography, Diagnosis, Radionuclide Imaging, Radiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Epidemiology, Surgery, Therapy, Etiology, Ultrasonography, History]
  13. or/11–15
  14. exp Diagnostic Imaging/
  15. (diagnos$ adj3 imag$).tw.
  16. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy/
  17. magnetic
  18. MRI$
  19. NMR$
  20. MRS$
  22. MR
  23. MR scan$.tw.
  24. MR spectroscop$.tw.
  25. MR elastograph$.tw.
  26. (magnet$ adj3 (scan$ or imaging)).tw.
  27. (diffusion adj2 (scan$ or imaging)).tw.
  28. (planar adj (scan$ or imaging$)).tw.
  29. (planar adj tomogra$).tw.
  30. (echoplanar adj (scan$ or imaging)).tw.
  31. zeugmatogra$.tw.
  33. SPECT$
  34. FMRI$.tw.
  35. (functional adj2 (scan$ or imaging)).tw.
  36. or/17–39
  37. exp Tomography, X-Ray Computed/
  38. (comput$ adj1 tomograph$).tw.
  39. ((ct or cat) adj (scan$ or imaging)).tw.
  41. electron beam computed tomography$.tw.
  42. tomodensitometry$.tw.
  43. 3-dimensional computerized tomography$.tw.
  44. (spiral adj CT).tw.
  45. ((multi$ slice or multi$ detector) adj CT).tw.
  46. Bone$ scintigraph$.tw.
  47. or/41–52
  48. exp Diagnosis/
  49. exp Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted/
  50. exp "Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures"/
  51. exp "Sensitivity and Specificity"/
  52. diagnos$.tw.
  53. or/54–58
  54. (5 or 10) and 59
  55. 60 and 16
  56. 40 and 53
  57. 61 and 62
Health Economics Literature search details

SIGN Health Economics and SCHARR Quality of Life filter added to search.
Database nameNo of references foundFinish date of search
Cochrane Library (except NHSEED)002/05/07
Web of Science (SCI & SSCI)725/04/07
ISI Proceedings025/04/07
Database nameNo of references foundFinish date of search
Cochrane Library (except NHSEED)018/04/08
Web of Science (SCI & SSCI)018/04/08
ISI Proceedings018/04/08
Any further comments:
The update search was performed to include the years 2006–18 April 2008 only.
The Health Economics Literature update search was performed to include the years 2007–18 April 2008 only.

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