Trial Name/ Registration (setting)‘FREE’
NCT00211211 (Europe)
NCT00211237 (US/Europe)
NCT00279877 (US)
NCT00323609 (worldwide)
Intervention/ ComparatorBalloon kyphoplasty/medical therapyBalloon kyphoplasty/medical therapyBalloon kyphoplasty/ VertebroplastyBalloon kyphoplasty/ Vertebroplasty
PopulationVertebral body compression fractures (VCF) from primary or secondary osteoporosis, multiple myeloma or osteolytic metastatic tumours.Painful VCFs in cancer patients.Painful osteoporotic compression fracturesPainful osteoporotic compression fractures
OutcomesQoL, pain, functional ability, vertebral height, spinal deformity, health care resources, safety, cost effectivenessQoL, pain, ambulatory status, vertebral height, disability, safety,QoL, pain, functional ability, health care resources, safety, cost effectivenessProportion with subsequent fracture, change in back pain, QoL, rate of serious adverse events, change in vertebral height, and spinal deformity. Health care resources with respect to VCFs.
Expected end dateDecember 2005Not known31 May 2007August 2011

From: Chapter 6, Treatment Selection and Strategies

Cover of Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression
Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression: Diagnosis and Management of Patients at Risk of or with Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression.
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 75.
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