Table 1. Assessment of Religion and Spirituality in Cancer Patients

ToolDeveloperPurpose/ Focus/ Subscale (No.)Specific to Cancer Patients?Level of Psychometric DevelopmentLength/ Other Characteristics/ Comments
Systems of Belief Inventory (SBI-15R) [7]Holland et al.Two factors: Beliefs/experience (10); religious social support (5)YesHighFour items assume belief in God
DRI/DUREL [5]Sherman et al.Religious involvement (5)YesModerate
FACIT-Sp [10 ,15]Brady et al.; Peterman Two factors: Meaning & peace (8), faith (4)YesHigh. Limited cross-validation data.Part of FACT-G quality-of-life battery [11]
Brief RCOPE [8]Pargament et al.Two factors: Positive coping; negative coping/distressNoVery High
Fetzer Multidimensional Scale [21]FetzerMultiple subscalesNoHigh. Under development.
FICA: Spiritual history [1]Puchalski et al.Brief spiritual history NoLow MD interview assessment
SPIRIT [19]MaugansIn-depth interview with guided questionsNoLowMD interview assessment
Spiritual Transformation Scale (STS) [18]Cole et al.Two factors: Spiritual Growth and Spiritual DeclineYesModerate Forty items. Unique to assessing change in spiritual experience post–cancer diagnosis.

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