Table 1. Pharmacological Intervention Studies of Bereavement-Related Depression

Reference CitationStudy TypeSubjectsAge (y)TreatmentResults
[12]Open label8 women, 2 menMean not reported; range, 26–65Desipramine7 subjects much improveda; 2 subjects minimally improved; 1 dropout
[13]Open label8 women, 5 menMean, 71.1; range, 61–78NortriptylineMean HDRS scores decreased 67.9%; no dropouts
[14]Open label17 women, 5 menMean, 63.5; range, 45–83Bupropion SRMean HDRS scores decreased 54%; 8 dropouts
[15]bRandomized controlled58 women, 22 menMean range for 4 groups, 63.2–69.5Nortriptyline vs. placebo vs. NTP+IPT or PLA+IPTNTP statistically significant compared to PLA; NTP+IPT group had lowest attrition rate

HDRS = Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; IPT = interpersonal psychotherapy; NTP = nortriptyline; PLA = placebo; SR = sustained release.

aImprovement based on the Clinical Global Impression (CGI) rating after review of the decline in HDRS score.

bSee text for details.

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