Table 100Summary evidence profile for acute-phase treatments (not light therapy) for major depression with a seasonal pattern

Antidepressants versus placeboAntidepressants versus antidepressantsHigh ion density versus low ion density
Non-response (based on SIGH-SAD)RR 0.82 (0.63 to 1.05) (44.2 versus 54%)Not reportedRR 0.49 (0.24 to 1) (41.7 versus 84.6%)
Number of studies; participantsK = 2; n = 255K = 1; n = 25
Forest plot numberPharm SAD 09.01Pharm SAD 12.01
Clinician-rated mean endpoint SIGH-SADSMD −0.11 (−0.65 to 0.42)Moclobemide versus fluoxetine: WMD −1.6 (−7.01 to 3.81)Not reported
Number of studies; participantsK = 2; n = 99K = 1; n = 29
Forest plot numberPharm SAD 09.02Pharm SAD 11.01
Self-rated mean endpoint BDIWMD −1.7 (−6.53 to 3.13)Not reportedNot reported
Number of studies; participantsK = 1; n = 68
Forest plot numberPharm SAD 09.02
Leaving treatment earlyRR 0.7 (0.16 to 3.05) (18.3 versus 20.5%)Not reportedNot reported
QualityVery low
Number of studies; participantsK = 2; n = 221
Forest plot numberPharm SAD 10.01
Leaving treatment early due to side effectsRR 1.48 (0.63 to 3.47) (8.3 versus 5.6%)Not reportedNot reported
Number of studies; participantsK = 3; n = 289
Forest plot numberPharm SAD 10.02


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