Table 15PCTs for personality disorder

Study/TypeDisorder/ TreatmentNDosage/DurationMeasuresEffects/AEs
Nickel, 2006218/

Borderline PD/ aripiprazole5215mg/
8 weeks
SCL-90-R, HAM-D, HAM-A, STAXISignificant changes on most scales of SCL-90-R, HAM-D, HAM-A and all scales of STAXI/
Nickel, 2007219/

Follow-up observation of RCT above
Borderline PD/ aripiprazole5215mg /
18 months
SCL-90-R, HAM-D, HAM-A, STAXIGreater changes on all SCL-90-R scores, less self-injury
Pascual, 2008222/

Borderline PD/ ziprasidone6040-200mg (mean 84.1mg)/
12 weeks
CGI-BPD, HAM-D-17, HAM-A, BPRS, SCL-90-R, Barratt Impulsiveness scale, Buss-Durkee InventoryNo significant difference in CGI-BPD, depressive, anxiety, psychotic or impulsive symptoms
Schulz, 2008223/

Borderline PD/ olanzapine3142.5-10mg (mean 7.09mg)/
12 weeks
ZAN-BPD, SCL-90-R, GAF, SDS, OAS-M, MADRSNo significant difference from placebo
Linehan, 2008224/

Borderline PD/ olanzapine242.5-15mg (mean 4.46mg) + DBT therapy/
6 months
OAS-M, TMR, HAM-D, Somatic Symptom ScaleNo significant difference from placebo
Zanarini, 2007220/

RCT of dose response.
Borderline PD/ olanzapine451 (150 @2.5m148@ 5-10mg)2.5-10mg/
12 weeks
ZAN-BPDGreater change in ZAN-BPD with 5-10mg of olanzapine

Borderline PD (psychotic symptoms)/ quetiapine24200-600mg/
8 weeks
BPRS, PANSS, DIS-QSuperior to placebo on BPRS, PANSS
McClure, 2009227/

Schizotypal PD (cognitive symptoms)/ risperidone310.25-2mg/
10 weeks
Cognitive assessment batteryNo significant difference from placebo

BPRS = Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale; CGI-BPD = Clinical Global Impression Scale-Borderline Personality Disorder; DIS-Q = Dissociation Questionnaires; GAF = Global Assessment of Functioning Scale; HAM-A = Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale; HAM-D = Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; MADRS = Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale; OAS-M = Overt Aggression Scale-Modified; PANSS = Positive and Negative Symptom Scale; PD = personality disorder; RCT = randomized controlled trial; SCL-90-R = Symptom Checklist 90-revised; SDS = Sheehan Disability Scale; STAXI = State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory; TMR = therapist monitoring record; ZAN-BPD = Zanarini Rating Scale for Borderline Personality Disorder

From: Results

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