Nonselective NSAIDsLow DoseMedium DoseHigh or Max Dose
Diclofenac potassium50mg bid50mg tid50mg qid (in OA/RA only)
Diclofenac sodium50mg bid75mg bid50mg qid or 100mg SR bid (in RA only)
Fenoprofen200–300mg qid600mg tid-qid800mg qid
Flurbiprofen50mg bid50mg tid-qid100mg tid
Ibuprofen400mg tid600mg tid-qid800mg qid
Ketoprofen25–50mg tid75mg tidIR =300mg/day (divide), SR =200mg/day
Naproxen250mg tid500mg bid1250mg/day (divided)
Naproxen sodium275mg tid550mg bid1375mg/day (divided)
Oxaprozin600mg qd1,200mg qd1,200mg qd
Sulindac150mg bid200mg bid200g bid
Piroxicam10mg qd20mg qd40mg per day (not indicated for OA or RA)
Partially-selective NSAIDsLow DoseMedium DoseHigh or Max Dose
Etodolac200mg tid400mg bid1,200mg max (IR or SR divided doses)
Meloxicam/Mobic7.5mg qd7.5mg qd15mg qd
Nabumetone1,000mg qd1,000mg bid2,000mg/day (qd or divided bid)
Cox-2 inhibitorsLow DoseMedium DoseHigh or Max Dose
Celecoxib/Celebrex200mg qd200mg bid200mg bid

COX = cyclo-oxygenase; IR = immediate release; NSAID = nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug; OA = osteoarthritis; RA = rheumatoid arthritis; SR = sustained release


This table does not represent exact or equivalent dosing conversions. It is based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved dosing ranges and comparative doses from clinical trials.

From: Appendix A, Comparable NSAID Dose Levels*

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