Wholesale Prices of Prescription GERD Medicines

Drug NameDoseHow OftenPrice per Month for Generic*BrandPrice per Month for Brand*
Famotidine20 mgTwice a day$123N/AN/A
Nizatidine150 mgTwice a day$145Axid®$203
Ranitidine150 mgTwice a day$24Zantac®$273
Cimetidine400 mgFour times a day$240Tagamet®$260
800 mgTwice a day$170$260
Omeprazole20 mgOnce a day$177Prilosec®$200
40 mgOnce a day$222$296
Omeprazole with sodium bicarbonate20 mgOnce a day$194Zegerid®$194
40 mgOnce a day$271$271
Lansoprazole15 mgOnce a day$175Prevacid®$212
30 mgOnce a day$177$202
Pantoprazole20 mgOnce a day$123Protonix®$176
40 mgOnce a day$171$176
Rabeprazole20 mgOnce a dayN/AAciphex®$249
Esomeprazole20 mgOnce a dayN/ANexium®$207
30 mgOnce a dayN/A$414
40 mgOnce a day$161$207
Dexlansoprazole30 mgOnce a dayN/ADexilant®$142
60 mgOnce a dayN/A$142

These are wholesale prices are from the 2011 edition of Red Book. Generic prices are the middle value in the range of prices listed from different manufacturers. The actual prices of the medicines may be higher or lower than the prices listed here depending on the manufacturer used by your pharmacy.

N/A = not applicable.

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