Table 1Included drugs

DrugTrade name(s)FormsRecommended usual dosing frequency (times per day)
BuprenorphineButrans™ER transdermal filmEvery 7 days
CodeineCodeine ContinaER oral tablet2
DihydrocodeineDHC Continus®bOral tablet2
FentanylDuragesic®ER transdermal filmEvery 72 hours
HydromorphoneExalgo®ER oral tablet1
LevorphanolcGenericOral tablet3–4
MethadoneDolophine®Oral tablet2–3
MorphineAvinza®ER oral capsule1
Kadian®ER oral capsule1–2
MS Contin®ER oral tablet1–3
Oramorph SR®ER oral tablet2–3
Morphine sulfate and naltrexone hydrochlorideEmbeda™ER oral capsule1–2
OxycodoneOxyContin®ER oral tablet2
OxymorphoneOpana ER®cER oral tablet2

Abbreviations: ER, extended release; SR, sustained release.


Only available in Canada.


Only available in Europe.


Not available in Canada.

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