GDG meetingDeclaration of Interests
First GDG meeting (4th June 2007)She declared a personal pecuniary interest: she is a glaucoma speciality ophthalmic consultant working for the NHS with a subspecialty interest in glaucoma.
She declared two non-personal pecuniary interests: her place of work, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, received an award from Allergan in 2006 for £2500. She also received a Pfizer grant for research into persistence with glaucoma therapy (this research was not product specific).
She declared no personal family interests or personal non-pecuniary interests.
Second GDG Meeting (25th June 2007)No change to declarations
Third GDG Meeting (26th July 2007)No change to declarations
Fourth GDG Meeting (11th September 2007)No change to declarations
Fifth GDG Meeting (24th October 2007)No change to declarations
Sixth GDG Meeting (5th December 2007)The declarations above plus:
She declared a non-personal pecuniary interest: she received a donation of drop aids from Alcon for a study into compliance. This device is product specific as it can only be used with Travatan/Duotrav. The trial itself was not funded by Alcon.
Seventh GDG Meeting (29th January 2008)No change to declarations
Eight GDG Meeting (13th March 2008)No change to declarations
Ninth GDG Meeting (25th April 2008)No change to declarations
Tenth GDG Meeting (19th May 2008)No change to declarations
Eleventh GDG Meeting (3rd June 2008)No change to declarations
Twelfth GDG Meeting (9th July 2008)No change to declarations
Thirteenth GDG Meeting (31st July 2008)No change to declarations

From: Appendix B, Declarations of interests

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