RecommendationWhen an adequate view of the optic nerve head and surrounding area is unavailable at a monitoring visit, people undergoing stereoscopic slit lamp biomicroscopy should have their pupils dilated before the assessment.
Trade off between clinical benefits and harmsSmall pupil size may exclude a stereoscopic view of the optic disc thereby preventing adequate assessment. Pupil dilatation in the presence of open angles carries low risk provided there are no specific contraindications to dilatation (e.g. iris supported implants).
Economic considerationsDilatation increases the cost of the assessment in terms of the cost of drops and clinician’s time taken.
Other considerationsPatient views. Patients should be alerted to possible consequences of having their pupils dilated. Dilatation for optic disc examination may affect a patient’s ability to drive afterwards. Obtaining accurate information outweighs the minor inconvenience caused by pupil dilatation.

From: 5, Monitoring of patients with ocular hypertension, chronic open angle glaucoma and suspected chronic open angle glaucoma

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Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension.
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