TableMonitoring intervals for people with COAG

Clinical assessmentMonitoring intervals (months)
IOP at target aProgression bOutcome cIOP alone dIOP, optic nerve head and visual field
YesNo eNo change in treatment planNot applicable6 to 12
YesYesReview target IOP and change treatment plan1 to 42 to 6
YesUncertainNo change in treatment planNot applicable2 to 6
NoNo eReview target IOP or change in treatment plan1 to 46 to 12
NoYes / uncertainChange treatment plan1 to 22 to 6

IOP at or below target.


Progression = increased optic nerve damage and/or visual field change confirmed by repeated test where clinically appropriate.


For change of treatment plan refer to treatment recommendations.


For people started on treatment for the first time check IOP 1 to 4 months after start of medication.


No = not detected or not assessed if IOP check only following treatment change.

From: 5, Monitoring of patients with ocular hypertension, chronic open angle glaucoma and suspected chronic open angle glaucoma

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