El Omari-Alaoui et al. (2002)

El Omari-Alaoui et al. (2002)
Design: Retrospective case series (therapy), evidence level: 3
Country: Morocco
Inclusion criteria:
Men with advanced or metastatic breast cancer.
Exclusion criteria:
None stated.
Number of patients = 71, age range: 32 to 97 years. Median age: 60 years
Epidemiology and statistics of male breast cancer.
Follow up:
Median follow-up was for 30 months (range: 3–168 months). 13 patients were lost to follow-up.
  • The primary presenting symptom was a retroareolar lump (86%) with abscess (18%) and occasionally with nipple discharge (5.6%). 4% of cases had symptoms of metastatic disease
  • Men were classed with T4 (52%), T3 (13%), N1 (34%) and N2 (24%) disease
  • 80% were treated with radical mastectomy
  • 91.5% of tumours were infiltrating ductal carcinoma (1 with Paget’s disease of the nipple)
  • 39 men had axillary lymph nodes with metastases. 29 men had >4 positive lymph nodes
  • Only five men had endocrine status measured (four were +ve)
  • Radical mastectomy was given to 48 men, modified in 7 cases
  • Adjuvant chest wall and regional lymph node RT was used in 44 cases (mean dose 50 Gy)
  • Tamoxifen was given to 46 men (with orchidectomy in 4)
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy was given to 12 men and for palliation in 3 cases.
  • Local recurrence occurred in 5 men with a median of 36 months (range: 9–156 months) delay
  • 14 men developed metastases with a median delay of 12 months (range: 4–72 months) delay
  • Metastases were developed in the lungs (n=5), bone (n=6), liver (n=1), liver & skin (n=1) or pleura and skin (n=1).
General comments:
This observational study presents data collected from a retrospective review of the case files of 71 men who had all been treated for breast cancer at a single Moroccan institute between 1985 and 1998. Patient characteristics, treatment and outcomes are discussed only broadly and none of the interventions are analysed for response hence this paper is of little evidential value for addressing this topic.

From: Chapter 4, Systemic disease-modifying therapy

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