Evidence Table 11KQ1: primary composite/population level outcomes for all technologies assisting education or other phase

Article InformationMM Phase(s)HIT studied
Integrated systems
SettingsOutcomes MeasuredResultsOutcome
Holbrook (2009)367
Design: RCT
N = 511 patients
Implementation: 00/0000
Study Start: 00/2002
Study End: 12/2003
Monitoring including patient adherence and complianceCDSS/CDS/CCDS/reminders
Integrated Laboratory system
Ambulatory care, HomeCompositeA shared electronic decision-support system to support the primary care of diabetes improved the process of care and some clinical markers of the quality of diabetes care.+
Yu (2009)317
Design: Case control
N = 22,665 patients
Implementation: 00/0000
Study Start: 10/2005
Study End: 09/2006
PrescribingCPOE/POE system
Integrated Imaging systems, Laboratory system, Pharmacy
Pediatric stand alone hospitalPopulation LevelUsing actual reportable ADEs from a relatively large number of pediatric hospitals, the study found significant beneficial associations between reportable ADE and CPOE implementation.+

The HIT system studied is in bold; followed by the systems that it was integrated with. The outcome column indicates whether at least 50% of the relevant outcomes abstracted were positively impacted by the MMIT (+) or not (−).


indicates outcomes noted as being the primary outcome by the paper’s authors

Abbreviations: ADE = Adverse Drug Event; CCDS = Computerized Clinical Decision Support; CDS = Clinical/Computerized Decision Support; CDSS = Clinical Decision Support System; CPOE = Computerized Provider Order Entry; HIT = Health Information Technology; N = Sample Size; POE = Provider Order Entry; RCT = Randomized Controlled Trial

From: Appendix C, Evidence Tables

Cover of Enabling Medication Management Through Health Information Technology
Enabling Medication Management Through Health Information Technology.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 201.
McKibbon KA, Lokker C, Handler SM, et al.

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