Medication Management

Medication management is a continuum that covers all aspects of prescription medication. Medication management includes the five phases of the medication process (prescribing and ordering, order communication, dispensing, administering, and monitoring).Bell and colleagues in their seminal work on describing and modeling medication management outline the phases as being prescribe, transmit, dispense, administer and monitor1 For this report, based on input from our TEP, to have greater clarity of what is occurring in the transmit phase, especially the active involvement by the pharmacist, we refer to the transmission of the order or prescription and the bi-directional communication between prescriber and pharmacy staff as “order communication”.

Medication management can also include procurement, storage, reconciliation, and reporting involved in the assessment of patients for the need for drugs through to optimal care and monitoring after the drugs are prescribed. For this report we also included issues related to education or training in the use of health IT in medication management.