Table 3Example evidence profile for brief psychological interventions

Forest plotDescriptionStudy IdsQualityConsistencyDirectness (all 100% BPD)Other factorsN treatment group/N controlEffect size (SMD)Absolute statistic (WMD)Likelihood of clinically important effectOverall quality
Anxiety Measures
Psych 03.0101 HADS anxietyTyrer 2003 MACTSIGN 1++N/ASparse data (−1)31/33SMD = 0.01 (−0.48, 0.5)WMD = 0.06 (−2.29, 2.41)UnlikelyModerate
Depression measures
Psych 03.0201 MADRS (MACT vs TAU)Tyrer 2003 MACTSIGN 1++N/ASparse, skewed and inconclusive data (−2)31/33SMD = 0.07 (−0.42, 0.56)WMD = 0.74 (−4.42, 5.9)InconclusiveVery low
Psych 03.0202 HADS depression (MACT vs TAU)Tyrer 2003 MACTSIGN 1++N/ASparse, skewed and inconclusive data (−2)31/33SMD = 0.12 (−0.37, 0.61)WMD = 0.69 (−2.12, 3.5)InconclusiveVery low
 Self-harm and suicidal acts (reported together) (continuous)
Psych 03.0401 Self-harm and suicidal acts reported togetherWeinberg 2006 MACTSIGN 1+N/ASparse and skewed data (−1)15/13SMD = −0.88 (−1.67, −0.1)WMD = −3.03 (−5.68, −0.38)Likely (favouring treatment)Moderate
Psych 03.0402 Self-harm and suicidal acts reported together (6-month follow-up)Weinberg 2006 MACTSIGN 1+N/ASparse, skewed and inconclusive data (−2)15/15SMD = −0.51 (−1.24, 0.22)WMD = −4.71 (−11.16, 1.74)InconclusiveVery low
 Self-harm measures (dichotomous)
Psych 03.0501 No. with >=1 episode of parasuicideTyrer 2003 MACTSIGN 1+N/ASparse data (−1)34/36RR = 0.97 (0.88, 1.07)94%UnlikelyModerate


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