Table 11Cyclobenzaprine compared with placebo

Domains pertaining to strength of evidenceMagnitude of effectStrength of evidence
Number of studies; number of subjectsRisk of bias (design/quality)ConsistencyDirectnessPrecisionSummary effect size (95% confidence interval)High, Moderate, Low, Insufficient
Pain: Various
3; N=172RCT/FairInconsistentIndirectImpreciseSuperior in 1 of 3 trialsInsufficient
Fatigue: Various
3; N=172RCT/FairInconsistentIndirectImpreciseSuperior only in evening in 1 of 3 trialsInsufficient
Withdrawals due to adverse events
3; N=172RCT/FairConsistentIndirectImprecisePooled RR 2.56; 95% CI 0.48 to 13.59Insufficient
Overall adverse events
1; N=120RCT/FairNAIndirectPrecise89% vs. 64%, P=0.002Insufficient
Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire Total Score, 50% response
No data

From: Appendix F, Strength of evidence

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