Table 5Oral Health Review Economics Papers

StudyComparisonEffectivenessCost or resource usedIncremental cost-effectiveness
Davenport et al., 2003, UKDecay-free teeth (DMFT/dmft)Incremental cost (£)Incremental cost per extra decay free tooth at (£) (manual, non-flouridated)
age 80age 6age 80age 6age 80age 6
3 vs. 60.20.120064907533
6 vs. 120.10.27531538154
12 vs. 180.60.21592752
18 vs. 241.30.22141723
24 vs. 363.10.42318
Dawson and Smales, 1992, Australia6 vs. 12 monthsDecrease in number of restorations
Decrease in restoration 75% survival
Incremental cost of treatment and examination-$AUS36

Average cost of treatment was significantly related to the frequency of examination.

Restoration longevity/the number of restorations received were not significantly influenced by recall frequency.

More frequent attenders received more expensive treatments rather than more treatment.

Wang et al., 1992, Norway12 vs. 24 months
Age Group
3–5 years
16–18 years
18–20 year
DM FS Increment*

Difference in Examination time (min)Difference in Treatment time* (min)Difference in Total time (min)

The longer interval was associated with greater DMFS but this was not statistically significant.

There was no significant relationship between the length of interval and the treatment time.

Examination time and total time were significantly shorter for patients examined every 24 months than for patients examined every 12 months.

30% reduction in clinical time was obtained due to less time being spent on examinations.

Wang and Holst, 1995, Norway12.5 vs. 13.7 monthsDecline in number of decayed teeth
Difference in Clinical time (min) (examination+treatment)

Dental health in children did not change after extending recall intervals.

10% increase in interval length corresponds to a 14% reduction in dentists equivalent time.

Lunder, 1994, Norway12 vs. 18 monthsDMFS increment
Overall mean time/patient
-45 minutes
Examination mean time/patient
-31 minutes

Not statistically significant

From: 2, Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of routine dental checks (HTA update)

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