Table 4Other sensitivity analyses (which did not alter the base case conclusions)

Cost/QALY Relevant comparison
ParameterDNA+DFH+PFH vs. Choles
Percentage of index cases consenting to cascade testing 85% & 80%£2,522
Percentage of relatives consenting to cascade testing 100%£2,430
Double nurses time£2,680
Halve nurses time£2,673
Double consultant time£2,681
Halve consultant time£2,673
Costs of Cholesterol testing double£2,677
Costs of Cholesterol testing halve£2,675
Cost of letters double£2,676
Cost of letters halve£2,675
DNA £600 & £200£2,768
DNA halve£2,611
Cost of statins fall by 30%£2,509
Limit cascading to second degree relatives£3,024
Cascade from 3 first degree relatives and 1 second degree relatives£3,179
Cascade from 6 first degree relatives and 3 second degree relatives£2,476
Relative risk of non CVD death (RR=2)£2,669
No discounting£2,729
6% discount rate£2,666
Index Age 65, relatives age 45£1,215
Drug combinations (Dalya Marks’s combination)£2,811
Proportion of FN and TN relatives treated (0%)£2,665
Proportion of FN and TN relatives treated (5%)£2,705
Proportion of FN and TN relatives treated (100%)£3,827
Using treatment effect from Simon Broome Register£1,348
Treatment Effect varied across the 95% confidence interval
OutcomeLower 95% CIUpper 95% CI
Heart Failure£2,682£2,676
Unstable angina£2,676£2,664
CVD death£2,607£2,697

From: Appendix E, Health Economic modelling

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