Table 1Intervention specific parameters – Psychotherapy

RR of response for intervention vs placebo (at end of treatment)3.08 (1.74 – 5.47)Guthrie (1991)
RR of response for intervention vs placebo (at 15 months)1.68 (1.14 – 2.49)Svedlund (1983)
Cost for psychotherapy£471 (range £348–£672) over 12 weeksWeighted mean duration across studies and unit cost form Netten (2006)
Cost-offset due to reduced resource use during intervention and 1 year after−$4.70 (95%CI −$9.34 to −$0.05) per week Equiv to −£4.08 (95% CI −£8.11 to −£0.04) at current UK prices*Creed (2003)

Uplifted to 05/06 prices using Hospital and Community Health Services Pay and Prices Index, Netten (2006)

From: 9, Psychosocial interventions

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