Table 3.1Current use of contraception by age in Great Britain (women aged 16–49 years); data from the Office for National Statistics

Current use of contraceptionUse by each age range (%)Use by all ages the during the indicated period (%)
Combined pill2029313124106217182117181919
Male condom333637242422151423202121232121
Safe period/rhythm method/Persona1121101121222
Hormonal IUS0111111111100
Female condom000000000
Emergency contraceptionb5420001111
Total using at least one non-surgical method507075666348352852515351545052
Partner sterilised14915252012121211111210
Total using at least one method507178737780777375747573767574
Total not using any method502922272320232725262527242526

Includes women who did not know the type of pill used.


Category included for the first time in the 2000/01 questionnaire.

From: 3, Contraceptive use and principles of care

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