TABLE FQuality assessment of RCTs of antimicrobials for the treatment of pressure sores

StudyInclusion and exclusion criteria statedOverall sample size [arms]A priori sample size calculation?Randomisation procedure stated, adequate allocation concealmentAppropriate baseline characteristics reported*Blinded outcome assessment reportedWithdrawals statedITT analysis
Della Marchina, 199740[2]
Gerding, 19921102[2]
Huchon, 199276[2]
Toba, 199719[2]

Yes; ✘ = No; N/A = Not Appropriate (no withdrawals)


Baseline characteristics: ✓= one or more appropriate characteristics stated (but not initial wound size); ✓c = initial wound size stated

Withdrawals: ✓a = reported by group and with reason; ✓b = withdrawals but not reported by group or reason not given; ✘ = withdrawals not reported

From: Appendix C, Quality assessment A – I

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