Table 49Adverse events of sitagliptin compared with oral hypoglycemic agents

Scott, 200730Goldstein, 200631Williams-Herman, 200932Williams-Herman, 201033Scott, 200836Chan, 200837Nauck, 200734
Adverse eventS100GlipS100M1M2S100M1M2S100M1M2S100RosiS25/50GlipS/METGlip/MET
Treatment- emergent adverse events (%)
Abdominal painNRNR3.42.85.054653.86.6012.72.1
Rarer adverse events occurring with ≥4% incidence
Upper respiratory tract infection---------------------
Urinary tract infections-------------------------10.811.55.42.7

Abbreviations: glim, glimepiride; glip, glipizide 5–20 mg/d; Glip/MET, glipizide added to metformin; M1, metformin 1000 mg/d; M2, metformin 2000 mg/d; MET, metformin; NR, not reported; pio, pioglitazone; S100, sitagliptin 100 mg daily; S/Glim, sitagliptin added to glimepiride; S/MET, sitagliptin added to metformin.


Note: this trial also included treatment arms: glimepiride plus metformin, glimepiride plus metformin plus sitagliptin.

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