Table 38Meta-analysis results for HbA1c from 2008 Drug Effectiveness Review Project TZDs report

Number of studiesTotal N
Weighted mean difference in HbA1c (95% CI)aTest for heterogeneity (P value)
Good/fair-quality studies96787−0.95 (−1.24 to −0.67)<0.0001
All studies197324−0.90 (−1.16 to −0.65)<0.0001
 Monotherapy10929−0.92 (−1.33 to −0.51)<0.0001
 Combined therapy96395−0.90 (−1.26 to −0.55)<0.0001
Good/fair-quality studies233417−0.92 (−1.15 to −0.68)<0.0001
All studies273824−0.95 (−1.17 to −0.73)<0.0001
 Monotherapy111196−0.82 (−1.30 to −0.34)<0.0001
 Combined therapy162628−1.02 (−1.20 to −0.85)<0.0028

Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; N, sample size.


HbA1c given as %. Net change is the difference in HbA1c between the end of the study period and baseline.

From: Results

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