Table 12.6Characteristics of included studies on diagnostic value of SFH measurement for LGA babies

Study and ELStudy characteristicsPopulation characteristicsSample size (% of study population)Timing of screening test with threshold(s) (prevalence of test positive)Outcome(s) and its threshold (incidence in %)Diagnostic value with 95% CI
Persson (1986)919 (Sweden)
Prospective cohort, multicentre, blinding not specified.Singleton pregnancies with regular menstrual cycles and known LMP.
Inclusions: multiple gestation, mothers with more than 1 infant during study period or lack of registration in Medical Register.
2919 (91.3%)15 times approx. during the entire pregnancy.
Threshold: SFH value > 2 SD of Reference Curve generated from 1350 healthy pregnant women.
BW > 90th centile for GA and sex
(9.5% in sample population.
ST 0.38 (0.33–0.43), SP 0.88 (0.87–0.89), LR+ 3.09 (2.57–3.71), LR− 0.71 (0.65–0.78)
Grover (1991)921 (India)
Prospective cohort, single centre, blinding not specifiedSingleton pregnancies with known GA attending ANC.
Exclusions: Not defined
350 (87.5%)SFH recording fortnightly till 30 weeks and then weekly till term.
Threshold: SFH value > 1 SD of Reference Curve generated from 200 healthy pregnant women
BW > 1SD according to ST national BW chart
(13.7% in sample population)
0.79 (0.68–0.90), SP 0.95 (0.93–0.98), LR+ 16.63 (9.39–29.42), LR− 0.22 (0.13–0.38)
Okonofua (1986)934 (UK)
Prospective cohort, single centre, blinding not specified.Singleton uncomplicated pregnancies attending a hospital ANC clinic and who were sure of their LMP.
Exclusions: Not defined
100 (study population not specified)SFH measurements and US biometry after 20 weeks in the third trimester.
Threshold: Two consecutive SFH values > 90th centile of Reference curve generated from a sample of 30 healthy uncomplicated singleton pregnancies.
BW > 90th centile for GA
(6.0% in sample population)
ST 0.33, SP 0.85

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