Table 13.5Summary of studies comparing paricalcitol with placebo

StudyPopulationDuration (months)Paricalcitol (N)Placebo (N)OutcomeSize effect
3423 pooled RCTs: CKD, iPTH ≥150 pg/ml, Ca 1.99–2.40 mmol/l and PO4 ≤1.68 mmol/l.6101108Change iPTH (%)Paricalcitol: −45.2% (max)
Placebo: +13.9% (max)
p<0.001 between groups
1011082 consecutive decreases ≥30% of iPTHParicalcitol: 91%
Placebo: 13%
p<0.001 between groups
100104Change osteocalcin, ng/mlParicalcitol: −21.6 ng/ml
Placebo: +10.7 ng/ml
p<0.001 between groups
101107Change Bone-specific alkaline phosphatase (μg/l)Paricalcitol: −7.89 μg/l
Placebo: −1.44 μg/l, p<0.001 between groups
8293Change in GFR:Paricalcitol: −2.52 ml/min/1.73 m2, (–10.4%)
Placebo: −1.57 ml/min/1.73 m2 (–6.95%)
NS between treatments.

From: 13, Specific complications of CKD – renal bone disease

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