Table D.1Unintended home birth and transfer rates from previous studies conducted in England and Wales

AuthorPeriod conductedRegionUnintended rateaTransfer rateb
Ford441977–1989LondonNot reported18.8%
Shearer391978–1983EssexNot reported11.9%
NRPMSCG451983Northern Region56.0%(35.0%)c
NRPMSCG618,6191988Northern Region47.0%Not reported
Davies431993Northern Region45.0%43.0%
Chamberlain311994England and WalesNot reported16.0%
Weighted mean50.7%14.3%
Sensitivity analysisLower45.0%11.9%

NRPMSCG = Northern Region Perinatal Mortality Survey Coordinating Group.


Proportion of women who did not book a home birth but had babies at home divided by all actual home births.


Proportion of women who booked home births but did not have babies at home divided by all home birth bookings.


No denominator was obtained; hence this was not included to calculate the weighted mean.

From: Appendix D, NCC-WCH analysis to obtain the best estimate of intrapartum-related perinatal mortality in England and Wales

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